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Frequently Asked Questions

What is wewetube and how does it works?
Wewetube is a growth boosting social media community and the site can be found on www.wewetube.com.
Wewetube offers Advertisers an opportunity to reach lots of Organic Users without spending much on social media Influencers.
Wewetube also offers our community members opportunities to engage and socially interact with eachother, while also completing daily tasks and earning on every tasks completed.
We offer a variety of growth hacking Solutions to different people facing Growth/Numbers problems such as ; Content - Creators, Business Owners , Companies and advertisers generally.
Our Services include; YouTube Likes, Views Comments & Subscribers, Instagram Likes, Follows & Comments, Twitter Likes, Retweets & Followings, Facebook Likes & Comments, AudioMack Streamings and Reviews, e.t.c. Click here to learn 'How to ' Order a service.
Our services delivers within a time frame of 3-4 days or even less. Our effectiveness as a brand is of no doubts due to the combined efforts of our 'Tech-Welians' (Our Backend team).
We are constantly working to ensure that your orders deliver with the stated time even as we stay true to our promise of 100 % Organic Users only. have also committed to ensuring that the whole process on wewetube.com, from the onboarding to the last phase is smooth for you and you don't go through any stress, this is the reason why we have carefully noted down our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) here and also a Step by Step guide on how to do major things on the website here.
If you have gone through our FAQs and 'How To' guide and you still have a problem, feel free to reach out to us here.
wewetube ask for personal information such as your name, Country, Email, Bank account details and age to serve you better and communicate with you on new Developments via email.
This information is also used for incentive fulfilment so that we may send your reward to the appropriate bank account. Read our “Privacy Policy” to know more.
Log in as an Advertiser, tap on the 'PROFILE' icon on the menu bar, make the necessary changes and tap "SAVE CHANGES" to save the changes.
Wewetube takes your created order to our wewetube Community to our Organic Welians.
Welians are our community members who get rewarded for completing tasks organically (i.etasks here are the orders created by Advertisers)
Completing a task isn't the only a Welian can earn on wewetube.
Welians also get rewarded for referring people to the platform (either basics or Premium)
For referring a basic user (which is free) to the wewetube Community, a Welian get rewarded as much as #30 , while for referring a premium user (Which is #5,000), a welian get rewarded a whopping sum of #2,400.
Welians can also get bonus rewards when they move from one level to other; e.g, a Welian get rewarded with #100 when he moves from the Newbie stage to the Rookie stage and so on.
Rewards and Earnings on wewetube.
There is no limit to how much you can earn and accumulate on wewetube as much as you are completing tasks and engaging in the community. With wewetube, there is no limit to how much you can Influence your world.
No, there's no stipulated time as to when you can withdraw your earnings on wewetube. You can decide to accumulate your earnings till when you like and withdraw at any time.
On your Welian Dashboard screen, there is an “Earnings Balance” banner showing at the top with the amount of earnings you currently have.
You can withdraw your earnings by tapping the 'money note' icon at the upper - right of the Welian Dashboard which will take you to the "Request Withdrawal" page. There you can input the amount you want to withdraw and the withdrawal method. (N.B: This also applies to your Referral earnings)
As long as you have provided the right information (Account details or BTC wallet), we are constantly working to ensure that your earnings get disbursed within 48 hours. For any complaints or inquiries, you can reach us here, we will reply you within 24 hours.
Contacting wewetube & Support
On the welcome screen, tap on "Log in". On the new screen, below the “Log in” button, there is an option for "Forgot password?". You will be asked to provide the email address associated with your wewetube account and receive a reset password email with a link. Following this link will allow you to create a new password for Wewetube.
Important: For security reasons, please make sure to use a password that is unique to your wewetube account. Your wewetube password should only be for Wewetube and not be reused on other sites/accounts.
For Easy access to wewetube, you can add our website to your home screen, so you can easily come here at any time.
For any questions regarding your account, Orders, tasks or any other subjects, go to the “Contact Us” form or click here .